A Word of Warning on Choosing a Host for Your Website

Popular Hosts have Land Mines

There’s a common website hosting “scam” (if you want to call it that) that’s happening these days. It’s where the host of the website tells you they have a third party company that “scans for malware every week.” While that sounds wonderful, what happens when they find “malware” is anything but wonderful. They lock down your site, including admin access, email access and page access. Page access means your site is down. Then they offer to either wipe out your website, deleting all of the files and let you start over in your hosting account – or you can pay the “third party company $995” through your website host to “clean your website.” They do not offer to let you download all of your files. They do not let you do anything except either pay the $995 or accept having your account wiped out.

Why I call this a scam is simple. They are tricking you with the fuzzy promise of “scans for malware every week” without telling you the consequences. They know that you spent a lot on your website. They understand that email has nothing to do with page delivery. They want to make it hurt so much you just say “do it.”

Although the “Fix” is Takes a Few Just a Few Minutes, They Charge $995

The fix is always incredibly simple. It takes most of us about five minutes to replace all WordPress files with clean replacements. If that doesn’t work, we replace it with the last version that is clear of malware. Doing daily backups, means that we can fix this without consequences for your website. We use SiteGround and WPMU hosting simply because they do not play this game. The big hosting companies you’ve all heard of DO play this game now. This is becoming an epidemic lately. There are many blog posts and stories about this scam out there. We can save you from this.

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