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First... Our History

My Superior Sites is a family owned business, with an emphasis on serving our client base with affordable website design and security. Our Founder, John Pentony, started building websites in the late 1990’s at a time when most sites were statically created one page at a time. John quickly understood the necessity of building a content management system that pulled the content from a database to make sites more efficient to build. This also created a continuity within a website that was initially lost in the days of flat html.

John went on to create a business that utilized his talents for building great websites that worked for a very specialized industry. That was in investor relations for medium and small companies. John created industry websites that covered these companies. He also created individual websites for the public companies and their operating divisions. Some public companies have several businesses, so it was often necessary to have five or ten different websites for a single public company.

One of John’s websites was the most powerful single website in the smallcap stock arena from about 2003 through 2010. That was StockGuru.com. In its most successful years, that site alone had a team of about five writers with revenues of close to seven figures. John sold that site several years ago and the current website is not representative of the business that John ran on the website domain.

What We Do Now!

Right now we have a team that create great websites for a lower cost that most anywhere you might go. Our team is mostly local to the Dallas / Fort Worth area, although we have writers and designers in other parts of the country. John Pentony and his wife, Monique Pentony, are very close with the team. John Pentony often does much of the initial design for websites we create.

Security is essential. The more popular a technology is, the more there are those that will try to exploit it. We know that. We understand the risks. We know how best to lock down websites and servers so that nobody has a chance to compromise the website and destroy a company’s brand image they have so carefully crafted over years. We put in place the very best methods to insure our clients’ websites will never be compromised.

Because nothing is ever bullet proof for all time, we also understand the necessity to put in place a back-up plan that allows our clients to insure that if their websites go down for any reason, we can bring their sites back quickly and efficiently. One of the biggest mistakes that some people make is setting up a back-up account with a third party company through their server company only to find that when your site is compromised, the web server company decides ALL of your files must be deleted – including all back-ups. Our back-up plans go well beyond just using your web hosts’ method of choice.

We Do So Much More!

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