Agency Special – Ten Page Site

Agency Special April 2019

Ten Page Website Wholesale Pricing

NOTE: Similar Pages in Layout Count as One Page. This means this can be More than Ten Pages! Let's Talk!

Wholesale Websites Worked Exclusively Through The Agency

Just Two Requirements for the

Wholesale Pricing on This Page :

Requirement One:

The Logo is Supplied to Us Ready to Go!

Requirement Two:

We Don’t Write Content for The Website.

All text is supplied by the agency or is pulled from the existing website.


Note: This pricing is for sites where the company has a logo and all of the content is written. If you need us to create a logo or write the content for the website, additional fees will apply. This pricing is for most small and medium sized company websites.

Larger Websites!

AGAIN... Similar Pages in Layout Count as One Page. This means this can be More than Ten Pages! Let's Talk!

Everything from Our Simple Website is STILL Included....

PLUS All of This....

This really is custom. What might seem like a complicated request, we can build in easily. Please do ask.

Our pricing to your agency is confidential. You can charge for items above where we show no added fee. Our fee to you does not change for this.

Flat Rate Price:  $799


The Fine Print: 

We want to make this work for our agencies as I have assembled an excellent team. We can do about two of these a week maximum. There will be times when we cannot accommodate more of these.  When you book with us, we will lock you in at that price. 

These typically take seven business days (nine calendar days) from start to finish if we have everything. Often faster when we have everything.

The reason the price is so reasonable is primarily because we are not “writing” we content but creating a great site in which to display the content. Writing is not included. We can write for added fees. Sometimes those fees can be greater than the cost of this special. If the agency writes the content, there is no added fee at all. 



The initial build is on our web server. We do this on a domain that does not bring people back to our website.

$399 to Book; Then $400 when the site is complete on our web server. Fees are net to agency. 

We require final payment before we actually place the completed work on the client’s server.

We know that some agencies have billing of 60 and 90 days with their clients. We cannot accommodate delayed billing for web work. 

We will send you an electronic invoice that can be paid with PayPal or a credit card.