eCommerce Experts

There’s no faking eCommerce experience!

What we’re NOT talking about:

We are not talking about using the default PayPal shopping cart integrated into your website, where the final checkout takes place on the PayPal website. While we certainly believe that anyone online should accept PayPal if they want to make sure they get the maximum number of sales and the highest possible sales revenue, that’s not the checkout to use.

We ARE talking about:

  1. PCI DSS Compliant web hosting. We ONLY us for eCommerce sites because they are simply the best. They have a specific plan where the server is guaranteed to be PCI DSS Compliant AT ALL TIMES. I have “experienced” a host that did not keep up with the standards and suddenly we could not clear cards on the website. That was 2012. Details can be found here:
  2. The checkout takes place on YOUR URL of YOUR WEBSITE.
  3. Your site shows a LOCK in the browser. For those that spend a little extra, when we help you get your own SSL Certificate that browser lock area is then green in color. When people click that area they see YOUR COMPANY name. We recommend this for all eCommerce sites. We also recommend that for all physician, medical, and dental sites where a patient’s information might be either uploaded or sent through a form.
  4. We love WooCommerce. We also love Big Commerce’s integration into WordPress. These are all done easily. WooCommerce is cheaper. It’s also better, in my opinion. It has a flexibility that Big Commerce doesn’t’ quite have. We can work with other systems. We can convert you over to a better system if what you have is frustrating. If your prior company did not do the right implementation of WooCommerce or Big Commerce, we can fix it quickly.
  5. We never use plugins and scripts from non-WooCommerce or Big Commerce sources. These plugins and scripts are often produced by coders in the third world that initially do a great plugin, then they update it with either adware or malicious code. Plugins associated with the company WooCommerce are pristine and very trusted.

New Store or Upgrading a Present eCommerce Website

Whether you’re starting a new online store – or – you’ve been online for years, we’re here to help! The initial consultation is free. We can detail the expenses so that you know exactly what everything will cost.

Which Company Should You Choose to Clear Credit Cards With?

We can also make suggestions on which company to clear credit and debit cards through. This is important when it comes to orders that get “refunded” unnecessarily because you picked the wrong company to clear cards with. PayPal is an example of a credit card clearing firm that will refund or charge back orders months after they take place. Picking the right compan is vital.