Physician, Medical and Dental Websites


We understand that professional websites for physicians, medical offices and dental practices need to be built in ways that not only look professional but make it clear to the patient that their privacy and security is secure. There are special ways we do these website to make sure your patients know that they are visiting a professional company that puts their patients security and privacy first.

This is about - Not your Patient Portal

This is about YOUR WEBSITE - Not your Patient Portal

  • We Understand that Your Practice Likely Passes Off the Patient from your website to log in to your secure web portal for payment, medical records and and prescription request. We are talking about YOUR WEBSITE.
  • The first experience that your patients have is with your website. That needs to be secure, too. Your website will be so secure with us that we can place forms on your website that are totally secure and encrypted. These forms are delivered to the right person in your medical office. This is a great way to get early paperwork filled out. You can even have an online version that is totally secure of your medical history form. Let us discuss your exact needs!

Here's How We Make Your Medical or Dental Website Secure:

  • Build a new website that uses no second or third world scripts or plugins. This is critical.
  • Host the website inside it’s own “virtual shared server” on a unique IP address. Likely you don’t know what that specifically refers to. A virtual server means that your hosting account is not within a wider account that has different companies. A unique IP address means that your website is not on the same IP address as countless other website. When someone that understands all of this researches your website, they won’t get a result that says “3,927 websites are hosted on this server with 177 sharing the same IP address.” It shows as one server with one account.
  • We use CloudFlare to make the site faster and secure from denial of service attacks.
    Being medical related, we recommend using an SSL certificate that is customized to your business. This will show your web address with “https” in front of it rather than just “http.” It will also show the “lock” of a secure website – and – the green background behind the lock and the https in the address bar. When people click on lock or https in green, it will reveal your company name as the secure owner of this website.
  • We use other methods to secure your website, including changing the typical login link, renaming some of the default filenames within WordPress that have important details, two-step logins for both the server account and the WordPress account.
    We have other proprietary methods that work as well.
  • Our goal is a complete security lock-down on your website that makes it nearly impossible for anyone to get in at any time without your permission. 

We want you to know that we understand how important security and patient privacy is. We can help you with that!