Mobilize Your Website by Making it “Responsive”

Making your website “mobile friendly” really means making your website “responsive”

Responsive is the term for a website that is built for different screen sizes. The website will display one way for a widesreen monitor of a laptop or a desktop and another way for an iPhone or Android device. It will have a display customized to an iPad or Android pad device. Tweaks can even be made for the very narrow latest Galaxy phone versus the sightly wider iPhone XR or XS. For devices with 4k resolution screens, higher resolution logos can be substituted for “normal” resolution logos.

It is not good enough to use WordPress mobile plugins for a website. Those slow down the website for any site hit and usually don’t display the site well. Those are often written by smaller companies that feed their ads down your website, sometime months after you install it. WordPress plugins written by those in second and third world countries often have malware or more extreme malicious code added in well after several hundred thousand installs have happened. That “free plugin” starts delivering ads or spyware to all visitors of your site, be it through a mobile device or on a desktop.

We use code that shows sections of the website, such as navigation, in ways customized to each screen. We offer a desktop version, a pad version and a vertical phone version. We can even further customize these to make sure they work on the different phone widths. That’s very important. Often times you see columns are too wide for a phone, and the reader has to attempt to alter the view in some way to read the text.

Responsive means the website is customized to work with any device!

That’s exactly what we do on every page of every website. We know how to do this and do it right!

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