Secure Your Website

Security of Your Website:

This is incredibly important for WordPress websites these days. A WordPress website that does not have protection from brute force intrusion is a website that will be hacked or compromised. More than likely you won’t even know if it is compromised. Most hacks are done through bots that simply use the resources of your website to deliver content to hacker networks. Other hacks just capture any personal data that goes through any forms on your website.

Here’s How We Prevent Hacks:

  1. Two-step login for all administrators or editors of the website.
  2. Convert the website to an encrypted website. This will show the “lock” in the address bar and “HTTPS” will replace the “HTTP” which shows the site is truly encrypted. For ecommerce and medical websites where personal data is transmitted, we recommend a higher certificate that will show the site is verified by an SSL Certificate issued in your company’s name. This is annually about $90 in most cases. It will make the address bar green where the lock and HTTPS is.
  3. Secure WordPress using several tools that are offered through WPMU. We don’t trust most third party independent security plugins, because the authors could be almost anyone.
  4. Daily backups. This is for the entire website. Without daily backups, you could find yourself reaching back months to an older version of the website should anything go wrong. The backups are NOT hosted with your website host. This is critical. If the account was wiped clean, the backups can be wiped out immediately.