The Workflow of Custom Websites

The To A Perfect Website!

The Four Steps To A Perfect Website!

Your website as built by My Superior Site will be a custom website. While it is built on WordPress using a framework, WordPress is merely the content management system. After that, everything we do will be custom made for your company on a framework that allows for a consistent look throughout the website.

Here are The Four Steps

Most companies have an existing logo with colors that are already branded for the company. Typically, every thing we do is built using those branded colors. It’s all done in these four simple steps.

First - Your Logo:

Whether you have an existing logo or you need one created, we can help. If you have a logo, but not a high resolution version of that logo we can easily re-create that logo exactly the same but with far higher resolution. With so many high resolution monitors on laptops, desktops and even iPads, cleaning up a logo these days is critical. It’s no longer a 72 lines per inch world, so a crisp and clean logo is a must.

Second - Up to Five Mock-Ups:

We generally will present three to five mock-ups. These will be presented as an image in a PDF document. Once the client picks one or corrects us on what they are looking for, we then present the mock-up as a live partial website behind a login. This is not on your server. It’s on ours.

Third - We Build Full Website on a Different Domain on Our Server:

This is done so that your daily business is not interrupted as we develop your website.

We build out the entire website on our server with a different web address for development purposes. We get this 100% perfect in every way before we move it to your website. If you have a large database, we integrate the custom them on your web server as your website.

Fourth - Then We Make it Live on Your Server:

Once you like it, we can have it live on your server in a matter of minutes – not days or hours. We will have already checked out your hosting and made sure that we are ready to move the website there in a matter of minutes when the time comes.

All of this is quicker than you may realize. We are an active firm with a regular workflow.