What is a Real Coder?


Everyone has seen the “learn to code” memes out there that are intended to anger some at the joy of others. It’s all funny and not funny at the same time. The real truth is there are coders and there are 99.9% of the rest of the population. Most people have no hope of ever coding. They don’t have a real interest. They just copy and paste until a real coder comes along. Real coders are rare.

There are several reasons for this. One, you have to be very OCD to stay on task when something needs to be tweaked. Like the writer that writes a novel and is always improving it through re-writes and edits, code is tweaked, tweaked again and then tweaked again. Each time it gets better and better, unless it breaks. Then you go back a step or two, fix and then improve it.

I personally am never pleased unless I test all possibilities. If it is going fail, I need to be the one that discovers and fixes it. If the code looks great on an iPhone XR but is too wide for the Samsung latest Galaxy device, that has to be fixed. If tables do funny things when they pull in more characters or data that is intended on a particular line, a coder has to already have a plan for that. He or she has to anticipate that such data will one day need to display. 

“He or she will give full access of your entire website to that third world coder.”


I am a real coder. I hire a couple of actual coders. Designers are easy to find. Coders are a special breed. Most work at home overnight. I have had coders in my office years ago, but I found real coders simply wanted to be home coding between about 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. They love that time.

I learned to code because I couldn’t believe there was not a way to do certain things. I found that out by taking the time and doing the code of sites myself, I now can make any site do just about anything anyone needs the sites to do. Also, an in-house coder is security. It means you’re not depending on code from “repositories” that are written by those in the third world. I have seen many plugins and java scripts written fine at first, only to have “updates” infused with malicious or adware code.

Why Do You Need A Coder on Your Team?

You need things to work. You don’t need someone that emails a plugin developer in India or Pakistan for the purpose of “support” of your website. That “designer” here in the States will do an unspeakable act to get that plugin or function working.

He or she will give full access of your entire website to that third world coder. The first thing that coder does is download the entire database and website. He cannot work efficiently without doing so. You cannot have that. He probably makes a few dollars an hour working for someone else. Can he make money selling data from your website? If you’ve got private personal data from patients, you bet he can. This is very preventable! Again, why do you need a domestic coder?

Security is Why!

We are domestic. We are not just domestic, everyone we are associated with that works with us or for us is in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. That protects your business and your clients privacy!

Let’s talk. I may be a coder, but I am capable of speech and client meetings. I own the company, so I better be!

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