Why Do We Use WordPress?

There’s actually hundreds of Content Management Systems. I have tried many. The biggest problem with most is that they are not updated after a while. Some of the online browser builder companies have lots of fees and limited ability to customize the website.

We use the “self-hosted” version (see note below about WordPress.com, which is not the same)

WordPress is the best.

WordPress with Elementor is even better.

For those that need lots of websites to gather leads in your industry, nothing beats WordPress Multisite. That’s your own network of sites with a single database. I have built hundreds of WordPress MultiSites over the years. That’s when they were call “WordPress MU” networks. I can do magic with MultiSites. If you have a need there, let’s talk!

WordPress is contantly updated. Countless developers contribute several hundred thousand plugins to make it even better. It’s only getting bigger.

WordPress can be used commercially with NO licensing fee!

FYI – We’re not talking about WordPress.com, as we don’t host with them. That’s a bit too intimate with WordPress. If that hosing company finds your content “objectionable,” you might find your site taken down. That’s more a risk for political or news websites.